Monday, March 23, 2015

Starting An Ecommerce Business from Thailand?

There have been a number of people that have written in to ask, "How did you start an ecommerce business in Thailand?"

Truth is, it wasn't our first plan, or even our second or third. We just started on a whim. Maybe that isn't what most of you want to hear, but that's the way it started out. Creating an online business was a priority, but selling something tangible was not. Still, the ebusiness we created became one of our primary money makers so we continued it over the years, putting a little into it, and learning over time what it was all about. The business has grown tremendously from it's meager beginnings over six years ago and is now doing well. In 2015 we really are going to focus on making it much better and taking it to a new level.

ThaiAmuletSales and AllBuddhas are our two amulet stores. Click each to see them.

If you want a hint as to how it has gone - read on...

1. Initially we bought a few items and listed them on Ebay.

2. Those sold within a couple of weeks, and we were surprised how much they sold for - multiples of what we paid for them.

3. We researched a little bit to see if anyone else was selling the same thing. They were. We looked for a niche that nobody was selling in.

4. We found that sub-niche and started selling a small inventory there to see how we did. It did OK, but it wasn't hugely successful. We kept it going over time, and slowly the interest grew.

5. We created a very simple e-commerce site as a sub-domain in one of our other websites.

6. We added about a dozen products there - all were under $20. They sold slowly and steadily.

7. We gradually added new products to test them - did they also sell? Some did. Some didn't. We have some inventory here that we haven't sold after six years. We will just give it away, we have a better idea what sells and what doesn't.

8. We tried to branch out into new areas of products found in Thailand - and failed there too. The websites we created (we had multiple sites by now), were too strictly focused on one are and branching out into new products that were not closely related, didn't work.

9. Over time we learned dozens, scores of little tips that helped us serve customers better. We increased our average order by many multiples. We increased our repeat orders similarly.

10. Today we have over 500 items for sale at our websites. We make money while we sleep. We make money while we vacation. We make money just about every day, though there are times we don't make money for a day or two, even three or four... then it all evens out because we'll get some great orders of a few per day. On average monthly we've done well enough to support us solely on income from this online business for the past five years.

That was just a very brief and very vague idea of what we did. We'll create an in-depth video course to teach you exactly what you have to do to duplicate our results in some other niche. What we did is not difficult. It does not require you to learn intricate plans or very advanced systems. It's nothing but solid business ideas that will help you also make money online with your new ecommerce business. So, stay tuned and have a look over at Thai Amulet Sales when you get a chance. Time frame for the new course release is by the end of August.