Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wat Tum Sang Pet Buddhist Temple

This Buddhist temple has recently been renovated quite a bit. The abbot of the temple is a friendly older man that has given me multiple tours around the grounds. Apparently he planned the entire layout and it's quite a wonderful place to go have a look at.

There are fruit trees and other plants surrounding the entire limestone mountain. The kutis where the Thailand monks live (Theravada Buddhist monks) are built into the side of the mountain, and some are freestanding on the other side of the temple.

It is possible to hike around this Krabi temple if you feel like it. You may encounter some dogs, but if you throw some rocks in their direction, they get the idea and back off.

Bring your family - with children to this temple, it's pretty fun to explore the place. Bring flashlights or ask the monks to find the lights for you.

Please give a donation to the temple of at least 50 THB for each person visiting. This is $1.66 USD each. If you cannot afford that - you shouldn't go. Many visitors don't give the temples anything for a donation, and it's pretty sad to see this. The temple has very little money and they have medical needs that often go unattended.

If you want to go on a tour of this and other Krabi caves and waterfalls - use our Thailand Eco Tours site - focused entirely on Krabi, Thailand.

Photos of this Krabi Buddhist Temple below...

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